You are productive
Beyond measure
For yourself

Writing is thinking, so if I change my narrative, I change my thoughts?

This summer, I tried unraveling the stories that brought me work, friends, play, money and pain over the past decade. De-ca-de. (Umpf.)

The exercise left me six notebooks of mindmaps, drawings, diary excerpts, quotes and questions. Material to come back to, not to put to use. The material works, when I do not work on it actively.

The work is in the not doing.  

(Lines inspired by reader P.)


In buona compagnia

"Convivial," he said of the Sicilians, "When Sicilians sit down for a meal, it's uncomplicated. Not too loud, nor weighed down by etiquette. The delight they take in eating together is contagious."

I looked at the bottle of Birra Moretti on the table. The sticker on its bottleneck said: BIRRA MORETTI consumare preferibilmente in buona compagnia. [Please enjoy in good company.]

Back home at the airport, the supermarket's take-away isle is practically sold out. At times, I take pride in the availability  of these affordable, reasonably healthy one-person meals. Today, I exit the isle empty-handed.

Buona compagnia is not for sale.