You are productive
Beyond measure
For yourself

Writing is thinking, so if I change my narrative, I change my thoughts?

This summer, I tried unraveling the stories that brought me work, friends, play, money and pain over the past decade. De-ca-de. (Umpf.)

The exercise left me six notebooks of mindmaps, drawings, diary excerpts, quotes and questions. Material to come back to, not to put to use. The material works, when I do not work on it actively.

The work is in the not doing.  

(Lines inspired by reader P.)


The Campaigner In Us

Willpower is exhaustive, enthusiasm is not. As long as you're excited about what it is you're after, there shouldn't be a need for willpower (or coffee).

I have campaigned for people and products through relying on - mostly - willpower. Until the campaigner in me, surprisingly, just stopped. After some inspection I realised, my willpower had dried up and there was nothing left to fuel the campaigner in me. Umpf.

So, what can I - or you for that matter - campaign for endlessly, that doesn't rely on willpower? It can help to look at life experiences that were formative and challenging, but not reliant on willpower.

I put a few down from 2008-2018 and suddenly saw what I can campaign for effortlessly: craftsmanship, playing with words, physical activity, mindful use of technology, yoga, food pioneers, going outdoors, talking to strangers, reading, eating plants, nature conservation, life-long learning - and this is just what's top of mind now.

Easy peasy, now it's your turn.