Find your wave

On my radio, I manually tune the frequency. Although the sound in between radio stations is not pleasant, it tells me there's plenty of space left for new waves.

My weekly email letter is nothing like a fully functioning radio station with an audience, weekly schedule, music library, 'toilet tracks' and pool of voices - but I learned it has a frequency.

After sending out my first email letter, a friend from overseas replied: "We need to catch up as we seem to be on the same wave without meeting in the surf." Only because I started making a wave, could others hear it.

Do you mostly tune into radio stations, or can we hear your wave amongst the noise?



I just had an insight. For long, I thought it handy to know what I clearly not pursue in life. That would give me a strong filter to cut the wheat from the chaff, and evaluate my decisions. And it did, until now.

I amassed a number of professional opportunities, some on invitation, some on application, but always thinking: I'll never be able to weigh all the options, why not seize the chances that knock on my door? They must be for me. My decisions were guided by an inquisitive, optimistic and curious "why not?"

Today, I learned a new question: "why yes?"

Yes-ness brings focus, boosts my ambition and challenges my intuition. No-ness fosters indecisiveness, dilutes my confidence and awakens my spreadsheetism. Yes-ness is commitment. No-ness is excuses.

Now, yes-ness serves me more than no-ness. And my yes-ness is to start sharing more of how I experience the world. Who I read, what I practice, and where I learn.