To turn to know into to do
You need to feel what it takes

I read a story by reader R., who attended a talk by this man where he learned that to cross the bridge between knowing and doing you must experience a feeling. This is so tricky about climate change. We know, know, know, but until we're present enough to notice how we feel, we won't do.

PS I received additional suggestions to the above, too: patience and party.



You are productive
Beyond measure
For yourself

Writing is thinking, so if I change my narrative, I change my thoughts?

This summer, I tried unraveling the stories that brought me work, friends, play, money and pain over the past decade. De-ca-de. (Umpf.)

The exercise left me six notebooks of mindmaps, drawings, diary excerpts, quotes and questions. Material to come back to, not to put to use. The material works, when I do not work on it actively.

The work is in the not doing.  

(Lines inspired by reader P.)