The path

A path is a prior interpretation
of the best way to traverse a landscape

to follow a route is to accept an interpretation
it's a form of spatial theater

The feet you see walk in a former swamp. Just a year ago, you could pick your own route and walk paths that were more, or less treaded. Today, your feet plug away through a sandy path that leads to fences and signs. Binary instructions. The grid lets your thoughts focus on the next episode. The end.

If still a swamp, you could not even have entered. A swamp is a view. But at least it's a view in which you can mark your own beginning, middle and end.

(Lines by Rebecca Solnit)


In buona compagnia

"Convivial," he said of the Sicilians, "When Sicilians sit down for a meal, it's uncomplicated. Not too loud, nor weighed down by etiquette. The delight they take in eating together is contagious."

I looked at the bottle of Birra Moretti on the table. The sticker on its bottleneck said: BIRRA MORETTI consumare preferibilmente in buona compagnia. [Please enjoy in good company.]

Back home at the airport, the supermarket's take-away isle is practically sold out. At times, I take pride in the availability  of these affordable, reasonably healthy one-person meals. Today, I exit the isle empty-handed.

Buona compagnia is not for sale.