When someone new
enters your space
it's a match

I heaved four tables and numerous chairs up to the second floor to build a long table so 40 people could sit down for a belated Thanksgiving dinner. The sitting down part was my explicit request over the walking-buffet-type-of-dinner we hosted last year. The chairs rubbed each other's sides while our guests manoeuvred themselves into sitting mode. It was impossible not to strike up conversation. The photo was taken the day after. The entangled chairs reminded me of the previous night's messy chatter amongst new someones.



The answer is always community

At times, I forget to apply the most important lesson I learned in 2017.

The lesson to involve others, to ask others, to reach out to others, to be generous to others, to question others, to invite others and to join others. To join means to commit and share what you thought lived only inside you. To join means lifting up others as much as strengthening your own wings.

My latest commitment is to a co-work space in Rotterdam. Week one just passed.

What did you join of late?

(Lines inspired by reader T.)



It means we have conversations of what we can do to create the future
Entitlement is a conversation about what others can or need to do to create the future for us

The book you see is written by Zina and Liza. Zina would not be a former Syrian refugee turned culinary entrepreneur and cookbook author if not for Liza. Liza invited Zina and five other Syrian refugees into her home for a New Year's Dinner party, which eventually led Zina to launch a catering business: Zina's Kitchen.

I don't know who asked who: What can we create together? I do know their story offers (me) the chance to see the whole before the fragments.

(Lines by Peter Block)