Hang in there

A tall man walked up the stairs, wetsuit on, surfboard leaning against the doorpost. My friend got the message and changed quickly into his gear. It's too cold to swim, but perfect to surf. I watch them tirelessly catching waves, my eyes resting on the thin line between sea and sky.

My body feels stiff, and I do some yoga poses to stretch my shoulders, loosen up my neck and twist my torso. While hanging in dangling pose, my mind creates this blog post. Instead of tapping it onto my phone, or running back to my office for the day, I trust the story won't leave me until my hands touch the keyboard again.

It's proof again that letting go makes space for the solution you need at that exact moment. Instead of rabbit-holing myself into the need for a story, I let my mind and body wander until rain started pouring on me and I strided with sticky hair and sandy feet back to my keyboard.

Hang in there, buddy, I'm going to write you down.

Hang in there.jpg