Why we met

From time to time, people have asked me: who is your idol? Hero? Role model? Instead of answering the question, I find myself questioning the very question itself. What is the difference between idols and heroes? What does it mean to be a fan of someone?

And whilst taking the conversation on a detour, many 'idols' would spring to mind. Friends, practical strangers, whom I only met briefly,  and family members. Rarely did I find a public figure amongst them.

For me, it helps to relate to someone and witness first-hand how they navigate life. It brings awareness to what I look out for in others, and possibly in myself. Could it be limiting - to look for depth in the familiar?

I believe a next step would be to expand that potentiality of self. So that it's easier to seek out the stories and personalities of people still far away and unfamiliar.

I'm up for the challenge to grow the list. Are you?