What Career Change Looks Like

What are those moments for, that make you feel like anything is a mountain to move? I had many of those in the past three months.* And to stay put to my intention of 'not pushing, not forcing' is like staying off something you are addicted to.

All I can do is carefully knock on curiosity's door. And boy, she opens up, albeit slowly. I first had to let go of expectations, of steering towards 'career applicability' and of forcing any of my curiosities into a business model. What resonates with her is not me striving for perfect, but me offering the seed of play. So I did lots of drawing, cheffing, acro yoga, laughs, self-help binging and staring contests with babies cos they rock at that. (List not exhaustive, obviously.)

And now, you might wonder? Did anything new come up? Yes. I at least documented the process above, and can imagine others can do with some clarity there, too. See below a slice of what my personal visualisation looks like.

I am very interested in all of you, so if you want a visual expression of your life, career, what you're good at or your darkest demons, reach out. Other reasons also most welcome, course.

*I took a break after some years of back-to back assignments/jobs/projects