The Campaigner In Us

Willpower is exhaustive, enthusiasm is not. As long as you're excited about what it is you're after, there shouldn't be a need for willpower (or coffee).

I have campaigned for people and products through relying on - mostly - willpower. Until the campaigner in me, surprisingly, just stopped. After some inspection I realised, my willpower had dried up and there was nothing left to fuel the campaigner in me. Umpf.

So, what can I - or you for that matter - campaign for endlessly, that doesn't rely on willpower? It can help to look at life experiences that were formative and challenging, but not reliant on willpower.

I put a few down from 2008-2018 and suddenly saw what I can campaign for effortlessly: craftsmanship, playing with words, physical activity, mindful use of technology, yoga, food pioneers, going outdoors, talking to strangers, reading, eating plants, nature conservation, life-long learning - and this is just what's top of mind now.

Easy peasy, now it's your turn.

What Career Change Looks Like

What are those moments for, that make you feel like anything is a mountain to move? I had many of those in the past three months.* And to stay put to my intention of 'not pushing, not forcing' is like staying off something you are addicted to.

All I can do is carefully knock on curiosity's door. And boy, she opens up, albeit slowly. I first had to let go of expectations, of steering towards 'career applicability' and of forcing any of my curiosities into a business model. What resonates with her is not me striving for perfect, but me offering the seed of play. So I did lots of drawing, cheffing, acro yoga, laughs, self-help binging and staring contests w babies cos they rock at that. (List not exhaustive, obviously.)

And now, you might wonder? Did anything new come up? YES. I at least documented the process above, and can imagine others can do with some clarity there, too. See below a slice of what my months looked like and what I'm headed for. I am a *very* interested in all of you, so if you want a visual expression of your life, career, what you're good at or your darkest demons, reach out. Other reasons also most welcome, course.

*I took a break after some years of back-to back assignments/jobs/projects