Living Antenna supports companies and individuals taking a leap toward the new economy through communications, community-building and creative strategy.

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Conscious communications

  • “We’re making progress on the impact front, but have no idea how to talk about it.”

  • “What are the consequences for our brand, now we include our impact efforts?”

  • “I’m in a bubble — please help me clarify this story. And be critical, reveal my assumptions.”

  • Examples: content strategy for impact efforts, education / support for departments affected by impact efforts.

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  • “We’d like to involve and learn more from our staff when it comes to impact.”

  • “I don’t want to work on this alone — where do I find a community? Any peers out there?”

  • “I’m looking to start different conversations with my clients — but I’m afraid it’ll be out of their comfort zone.”

  • Examples: staff engagement through impact education, purpose labs for sub-communities.

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Memorable get-togethers

  • “I’d like to start a few traditions, or rituals, that represent our culture.”

  • “I never want to have phones in a meeting, ever again. If I’m really honest, that is.”

  • “How, how, how can our company holidays be truly offline this year?”

  • Examples: mindful tech challenges, design and programming of small-to-large get-togethers.